• Basic 3-grid ion chamber detector
    • amplifier, sample box and slits
    • Basic 3-grid detector shielded with mu-metal, complete
  • New, double length 5-grid ion chamber detector  
    • especially for high energy, complete
    • 45 V battery box (five 9 volt transistor batteries) to substitute for batteries in ion chambers and electron yield accessory 
    • Extra slits with normal 2.8 cm focal length 
    • Special slits with any focal length
    • Extra sample box with slits 
    • Sample box with bracket for furnace-size slits 
  • electron-yield accessory
    • e-yield shielded with mu/metal
  • Hot/cold accessory
    • 3-grid ion chamber only with amplifier but no sample box or slits 
    • 5-grid ion chamber only with amplifier but no sample box or slits 
    • Filter set for ion chamber detector 
  • Furnace/cryostat body with slits and ion chamber 
  • Boat type insert
  • Cylindrical insert with removable holder
    • e-yield accessory for furnace 
    • Insulator heater frame 
    • Extra heater elements 
    • Boron nitride cells and covers 
    • Removable sample holder with Be windows 
      Holder for pre-treatment, water cooled, gas purged
    • Filter set for furnace/cryostat 
    • Universal mounting plate for either basic detector or furnace/cryostat
      (This locks the detector or furnace/cryostat to your sample positioning jack.)
    • 3d metals foil set for calibration 
    • 4d/5d metals foil set for calibration

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